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Horror Power Ranking – June 9, 2008

With The Strangers doing so well at the box office, horror is back at the multiplex in a big way. And with The Happening opening this weekend, that situation looks likely to stay true at least in the short term. Meanwhile, Twilight continues its slow decline off the chart, and Adam Sandler gets into the scary movie business (but not the Scary Movie business you’re thinking of.)

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 strangers-75x75.jpg The Strangers
Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman hold on to the top spot after a surprisingly strong weekend at the box office against two blockbusters. Looks like The Strangers are making themselves comfortable in the top 10.
2 mother-of-tears-75x75.jpg Mother of Tears
Dario Argento’s latest horror flick makes its debut here with a film our reviewer calls, “great bad movie-making at its best… hopefully it’ll set the box office on fire.” It’s already rocketed near the top of our chart, so that’s a start.
3 4 hapening-75x75.jpg The Happening
M. Night Shyamalan’s flick moves up a slot as anticipation continues to build for the mysterious thriller. Though they’re still staying mum as to what is, well, happening in the film, so we got Betty Buckley to blab a bit.
4 TRANSSIBERIAN-75x75.jpg Transsiberian
Woody Harrelson, Emily Mortimer, and Ben Kingsley star in horror vet Brad Anderson’s ( Session 9 , The Machinist ) newest thriller. With a crackling trailer debuting on YouTube, we thought it was time to launch the flick in the Power Rankings.
5 lostboys2-75x75.jpg The Lost Boys: The Tribe
The Two Coreys? Back together again? Fighting vampires? The movie may not come out on DVD for another two months, but with pics of the vamps out on Facebook, expect to see a lot more of the Frog Brothers here in the future.
6 baghead-75x75.jpg Baghead
This Sundance favorite makes an appearance on our Power List as an antidote to eventual Strangers burnout. This movie also has killers with bags on their heads, but this time, it’s (mostly) played for laughs.
7 fearitself-75x75.jpg Fear Itself
The TV horror anthology, featuring directing turns by everyone from Mick Garris (Amazing Stories), to John Landis ( An American Werewolf in London ), kicked off with rave reviews and solid ratings. Is TV horror back to stay?
8 scarymadison-75x75.jpg Scary Madison
Goofy Adam Sandler is ready to take on horror with his new production company, Scary Madison. Scoff all you want, but Sandler is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. This is one to keep your eyes on.
9 7 twilight.jpg Twilight
Teen vamp tale Twilight continues it’s slow decline down to number nine, after a lackluster first scene unspools at the MTV Movie Awards. Though the film is still big news, the initial buzz seems to be leveling off.
10 theeye-75x75.jpg The Eye
Jessica Alba starred in this remake of the J-Horror thriller, which is the only big horror DVD release of the week. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal about this film was. Get it? See? Because it’s called The Eye?
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