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Daily Scan: 06.30.08 – Rose McGowan to Play Red Sonja; Cloverfield Sequel on Hold

Red Sonja; Cloverfield Sequel on Hold” width=”560″/>

• io9 lists the 10 books that were better on paper. When Worlds Collide? Starship Troopers? WRONG.

• Rose McGowan to play Red Sonja? She’s no Brigitte Nielsen!

• Adam West wants to play Batman’s dad… even though we’ve already seen Batman’s Dad. Adam West says crazy things about how he could fit into Batman movies every decade… pay no mind.

• The Jericho fans keep at it… 9,000 visitors in a week! Wow! That’s inconsequential!

• The latest BSG podcast indicates they’d love for Billy to be the fifth Cylon, except he’s already got a day job.

• Neal Stephenson’s next book will have awesome tunes.

Cloverfield‘s sequel is on hold because they have no good idea.

• The VanderMeer’s latest column talks about my favorite, Cthulhoid horror.

• Just the best robot love stories… ever!

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