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Daily Scan: 06.26.08 – SciFi Beach Reads; a New Poster for The Day the Earth Stood Still


G is the latest kaiju monster mash to take Japan like storm, and even features a giant robot made of tin.

• MTV Movies Blog does its damnedest to get people psyched for X-Files 2. Someone’s got to do it… the marketing department sure isn’t.

• In Roland Emmerich’s 2012, the protagonists will board an ark to escape the Mayan apocalypse.

• io9 has some convincing arguments as to what we’ll see next in Battlestar Galactica. Starbuck burning her own body?

• Warren Ellis’ hand… now for sale on eBay!

• SF Gospel reviews pretty much every scifi magazine under the sun.

• Annalee Newitz has some suggestions on what 12 genre books you should read at the beach this summer. I’ve read none of them, but then again, I hate beaches. Full of sand, beaches.

The Day The Earth Stood Still gets a poster.

• Ain’t It Cool News wonders just what the samhell will happen to Stan Winston Studios without The Man himself?

• Zack Snyder says he’s working on a director’s cut of Watchmen, but he’s already fighting the studio about running time.

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