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Daily Scan: 06.24.08 – An Interview With J.G. Ballard; Will John Carter of Mars Be Live Action or Animated?


• SF Signal reminds us why we’ve not seen a Green Lantern movie: He really sucks.

• George Carlin has died. Party on, dude.

• According to British bookies, Trainspotting’s Robert Carlyle is the public favorite to be the next Doctor Who.

• An apocalyptic love affair between blaster-toting robots.

• There’s some mouse-over images of the Spirit‘s theatrical posters over on Yahoo. Put your cursor over each and hear a different sultry minx breathe sweet nothings.

• You can pick the mock commercial that appears in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen by visiting the YouTube channel.

• The Ballardian translates another thoughtful interview with J.G. Ballard.

• This is rather curious: Pixar’s Andrew Stanton says they’re not sure if John Carter of Mars will be animated, live-action or both.

• And finally, over at my other abode, this USB Killbot teaches me how to love.

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