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Daily Scan: 06.09.08 – Pixar to Take on Princess of Mars; Captain America to Appear in Hulk?

steampunkdaleks.jpg• The illustrious Ape Lad produces a fine envelope of Hobo Mail Art.

• With the utter tanking of Prince Caspian, Disney fulfills a promise: Pixar will be doing Princess of Mars.

• Steampunk Daleks are coming to exsteaminate.

• Philip Pullman rails against age banding “children’s” books.

• It may be 11 months away from release, but Paramount is already locking cast and crew into Star Trek XII.

• Lisa Fary hates BSG’s President Roslin and she wants you all to know why.

• The Times Online profiles Terry Pratchett and his fight against Alzheimer’s.

• The Courier Journal posts a fantastic Q&A with the last remaining grandmaster of scifi, Ray Bradbury.

• Captain America may well pop up in The Incredible Hulk when it’s released on Friday.

• The UGO Movie Blog posts all the spoilers they have for Zack Snyder’s upcoming adaptation of Watchmen, mostly attained by reading the comic.

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