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Daily Scan: 06.04.08 – Tim Burton to Direct Dark Shadows; Ridley Scott Returns to SciFi

gripbbe1.gif• Tim Burton will be directing Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows update.

• Morning Cheesecake: A topic searchable compendium of babes in outer space. My favorite category is “Babes With A Grip.”

• Less than a year after saying that science fiction is for idiots and he’d never direct another sci-fi movie because he’s over it, Ridley Scott is returning to the genre.

• In the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a doctor gives a rather inspiring speech to a panicking patient who is beating himself up for getting his leg stuck in quick-dry cement. The subject? Why Han Solo is not a loser for getting stuck in Carbonite.

Torchwood is only getting five episodes next season. That means “canceled” which should elicit a calloo-callay from the discriminating: The show was absolute trash.

• Was Indiana Jones a filthy pinko?

• Sky One has a great gallery of Battlestar Galactica battle sketches.

• To whet your appetite for Friday, another Incredible Hulk teaser.

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