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Daily Scan: 06.02.08 – R.I.P. Next Generation‘s Robert Justman and Forbidden Planet‘s Bebe Barron


• John from SF Signal ponders the feeding frenzy of the scifi blogosphere.

• Yet another classic Star Trek creator has died… this time, Robert H. Justman, producer of the original series and The Next Generation.

• The Classic Science Fiction Channel is an online repository of links to great scifi from yesteryear, although bound to get some corporate dander up.

• Yeesh. There was a huge Universal lot fire that destroyed the iconic Back to the Future courthouse set… a set which was featured in over 50 different movies.

• Apparently, that Denver UFO video everyone was talking about is just a rubber alien head looking through a window. I WANT TO BELIEVE. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

• Another sad RIP: Bebe Barron, composer of Forbidden Planet‘s soundtrack, has died.

• Monkeys can now control robots with their minds. Humanity is officially obsolete.

• A clashing between Imperial Storm Troopers and Shibuya Police Officers.

• They simply don’t build rocket ships anymore like they did in Buck Rogers day, that’s for sure.

• A bit of bizarre scifi casting: Shirley Manson, lead singer of the band Garbage, has been cast in a recurring role in Fox’s Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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