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Batman Night to Celebrate the Campy Escapades of the Dark Knight


Thanks to the films of Christopher Nolan, we can all enjoy the redemption of Batman’s utter coolness — but lest we forget that the caped crusader has a long tradition of weird, embarrassing campy escapades on his resume as well, a duo of seasoned batologists have assembled the best (and worst) reels in the Dark Knight’s epic career. This week, the SciFi Screening Room will present Batman Night, hosted by The SciFi Department’s Kevin Maher and writer Nick Nadel.

Those of you near NYC can join your fellow Gothamites on Wednesday for trivia, prizes, Batman haikus, and a treasure chest of vintage Batman celluloid, including rare TV and cartoon episodes, Adam West screen tests, and fan-films aplenty. Expect an appearance by Batman Strikes writer Matthew K. Manning.

SciFi Scanner contributors Maher and Nadel promise to stage a veritable “This Is Your Life” for a character who is every bit as exciting today as he was in 1939 — even if he takes himself awfully seriously these days.

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