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Ultimate Fan Quiz – The Death Wish Series

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Death Wish struck a chord with 1970s New Yorkers. Did it strike a chord with you? Be the first person to correctly answer all 15 questions in our Ultimate Fan Quiz and you’ll win a copy of The Dirty Dozen: 40th Anniversary Special Edition. The quiz runs from Saturday, May 24 to Saturday, June 7 at midnight. The winner will be announced shortly afterward. (Make sure your profile lists your email so we can contact you about your prize.)

It’s time to take matters into your own hands. Answer the questions. Not feeling up to a quiz? Check out our Bronson Photo Gallery.

1. What does Paul Kersey do for a living?

2. At the start of Death Wish, Kersey and his wife are on vacation. Where?

3. At the end of the Death Wish, Kersey’s asked to leave New York. Where does he go?

4. Bronson used a soccer ball and a cannoli as weapons in Death Wish V. In which sequel does he use a bottle of wine?

Which actor does not appear as a thug in the movie franchise: Jeff
Goldblum, Samuel Jackson, Alex Winter, or Laurence Fishburne?

6. What weapon does Kersey use to kill gang leader Manny Fraken at the end of Death Wish 3?

7. What character in Death Wish V cross-dresses to kill?

8. What alias does Kersey use in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown ?

What character said: “You’re probably one of them knee-jerk liberals
that thinks us gun boys would shoot our guns because it’s an extension
of our penises”?

10. Who is said to be directing and starring in the MGM remake currently in the works?

11. What other book by author Brian Garfield was recently made into a film staring Kevin Bacon?

12. For Dirty Harry , the gun of choice was the Smith & Wesson Model 29. What was it for this vigilante?

13. In which film is Bronson’s love interest played by his real life wife?

14. What real New York City event led Bronson to speak out against vigilantism?

15. Director Michael Winner has moved on to another career. What is it?

Need help? Watch the Death Wish marathon.
For a complete schedule, click here.

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