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The Scanner’s Top Five – Week of 05.12

1. Prince Caspian director Andrew Adamson says he was going for a more epic feel with his Chronicles of Narnia sequel. I say he missed the mark. And after all, isn’t it my opinion that counts?

2. SciFi author and Scanner columnist John Scalzi crunches the numbers on how Speed Racer‘s $20 million opening weekend doesn’t mean what it used to. But it sure can buy a lot of Watchochkes!

3. G is for Godzilla in this week’s ABC’s of SciFi, and boy is he angry!

4. Nick Nadel explains how Matthew McConaughey will single-handedly destroy The Avengers. And here we were all so excited about Sam Jackson in a patch.

5. Browncoats unite! Firefly‘s Serenity is deftly defeating Starship Tournament . Cast your vote.

SciFi Dept. Video: Kevin Maher gets kinky as he counts down seven sexy scifi films adapted by the adult entertainment industry.

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