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The Scanner’s Top Five – Week of 05.05

1. Science Fiction novelist and SciFi Scanner columnist John Scalzi pwns’s Andrew O’Hehir, who argued that Guillermo Del Toro was a bad choice to helm The Hobbit.

2. F is for Foundation in this week’s ABC’s of SciFi as John Brownlee deconstructs Asimov’s magnum opus.

3. The Scanner reviews Speed Racer, and says that not even a goofy monkey can detract from the film’s eye-popping, wall-to-wall, high speed action.

4. There is a God, and God is good. Marvel announces a sequel to Iron Man in 2010 and an Avengers movie in 2011.

5. Industry steps on the back of the Shire-folk this week as Iron Man topples The Hobbit in our highly scientific SciFi Power Ranking list.

SciFi Dept. Video: Kevin Maher is used to working alone, but for this mission — track down the best scifi buddy cop movie ever — he’s going to have to take a partner. Cue dramatic music.

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