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The Scanner’s Top Five: Week of 04.28

1. The Scanner’s Alex Zalben says that Iron Man has what it takes to be the greatest superhero movie ever — eat your heart out, Man of Steel.

2. Christine Fall interviews Jurassic Park paleontology adviser Jack Horner, who’s a bit tired of informing grad students and SciFi geeks that it was just a movie.

3. The SciFi Scanner explores the voyages of the most Intrepid starship in the galaxy: The Enterprise, on the ABCs of SciFi. Warp factor cool.

4. AMC unveils its SciFi Power Ranking list, which scientifically proves that Hellboy II is bigger news this week than Iron Man. Take that, Marvel.

5. Carrie Fisher admits she went onto the set of looking to have a fling with Harrison Ford . Honestly, can you blame her?

SciFi Dept. Video: Kevin Maher looks at Hollywood’s Richard Matheson mania following the successful release of I am Legend, and wonders if Eddie Murphy in a Brett Ratner-remake of The Incredible Shrinking Man is enough to derail it. Blasphemy!

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