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Ultimate Fan Quiz – The Matrix

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The Matrix revolutionized special effects, merged Hong Kong-style martial arts with cyberpunk science fiction, and injected video games with classical philosophy. But how well did you absorb the teachings of the Oracle? Take our Ultimate Fan Quiz and see if you’re The One… winner. If you’re the first to post correct answers to all 15 questions in the comments section below, you’ll win this Invasion of the Body Snatchers DVD and be profiled in an upcoming blog entry.

The quiz runs from Friday, May 9 to Friday, May 16 at midnight. The winner will be announced shortly afterward. (Make sure we have a relevant email address in your profile so we can contact you about your prize.)

Hope you took the red pill.

1. According to all the street corner references in The Matrix, in what American city does the film take place?

2. What is the title, and who is the author, of the book Neo hides his disks in?

3. What’s playing on the television in the Oracle’s waiting room?

4. What’s the name of Morpheus’ hovercraft?

5. What is Cypher’s “real” last name?

6. Where does Morpheus send Neo for their first meeting?

7. What is Zion’s best defense against the sentinels?

8. According to Agent Smith, how do human beings define their reality?

9. Why is Neo reprimanded at Metacortex?

10. What is Morpheus’ term for the way people look in the matrix?

11. What breakfast cereal does Mouse reminisce about?

12. Exterior sets from a 1998 film were re-purposed for The Matrix.  What was the film?

13. What are the green glyphs used to represent the matrix code on the computer screen?

14. The Wachowski Brothers approached Hugo Weaving to play Agent Smith after watching his performance in what film?

15. What classical philosophical allegory is a model for the matrix in The Matrix?

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