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Talk Forum – What You’re Saying

The Talk forum this week is discussing the Jack Ryan classic Patriot Games with the fans from AMC’s Cinemania. RJ Patriot opined that “Patriot Games is a classic because it deals with issues that will always be a part of our society. Whether it’s the relationship between a dad and his family he is trying to protect, or that the United States and other countries will always have to encounter and deal with some form of terrorist groups.” NICKBENSEMEN, however, believes that it’s Harrison Ford who makes the movie classic: “Come on, who doesn’t think Harrison Ford kicks butt in just about everything he plays in?” he challenged, but went on to concede that it wasn’t just Ford, it was the character: “You really have an opportunity to focus on the protagonist’s struggle and their strategy to overcome it,” he explained.

Meanwhile ksoul9639 had war movies in mind for Memorial Day. “The greatest war hero in my mind is Gary Cooper of Sergeant York,” he said, but worried that “a younger audience would not even be aware of that movie or that actor.” What do you younger Talkers think, is ksoul9636 right?

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