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Ultimate Fan Quiz – Superhero Results


The Ultimate Superhero Fan: Jonathan Farley (Jonathan)

Hometown: Scarborough, ME

Age: 49

Profession: Marketing Manager, Media Power and World

Jonathan Farley may look like Lex Luthor, but if you were to ask him who is favorite superhero is, he would probably go with Superman. “He’s got the whole package,” Farley admits. “Super strength, speed, invulnerability, X-ray vision — not to mention he can fly.” Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman was the first superhero film he ever saw, but that’s nothing compared with recent hits like Batman Begins and Iron Man. Of these, Farley says “Hollywood is finally making the movies we’ve always wanted to see since we were kids — intelligent, well-acted, well-written stories that offer escapism.” For this Ultimate Fan, superhero fiction does more than entertain: It offers values we can live by. “We all would swear by Superman’s values of truth, justice, and the American way,” he says. “But there’s a little of Batman in us too, wanting to fight against the injustices of the system.” 

Ultimate Superhero Fan Quiz Answers:

1. Before Robert Downey Jr., Shaquille O’Neal also portrayed a weapons maker-turned-superhero in what 1997 film?


2. Both Orson Welles and Alec Baldwin have given life to what heroic master of deception?

The Shadow

3. What superhero film had its teaser trailer pulled after the September 11th attacks because it contained a shot of the Twin Towers?


4. What did Eric Draven do for a living, before being murdered and returning as The Crow?

Rock musician

5. What comic strip hero promised to “Slam Evil!” according to his movie poster tagline?

The Phantom

6. In which Sam Raimi film was Bruce Campbell originally considered for the lead but ultimately only appeared in a cameo?


7. In which Marvel film will you find Stan Lee as Mailman Willie Lumpkin?

Fantastic Four

8. In The Rocketeer, what famous aviator created the titular jet pack?

Howard Hughes

9. Thanks to a Gypsy curse, Mystery Men‘s The Spleen possesses what “offensive” power?


10. What gruesome plant hero got his own direct-to-DVD film in 2005 by the director of The Lawnmower Man?

Man Thing

11. In which Superman film will you find Lex Luthor’s nephew?

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

12. What actress lost the part of Catwoman in Batman Returns after becoming pregnant?

Annette Bening

13. R&B group Another Bad Creation appeared as the “Junior Lords” in what 1993 superhero spoof?

The Meteor Man

14. Prior to meeting Bruce Wayne in Batman, Vicki Vale had been on assignment taking photos in what fictional war-torn region?

Corto Maltese

15. What 1983 musical comedy features a washed-up superhero who’s nemesis taunts him with the song, “Name Your Poison”?

The Return of Captain Invincible

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