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Site of the Week – SciFiDimensions


Lots of websites are devoted to scifi movies, scifi television and scifi books. But, if you want coverage of all that and more (scifi theater, scifi comics, scifi plays, etc.), then check out SciFiDimensions. Beyond the usual fare, the eight-year-old online science fiction magazine aims to investigate avenues of the genre overlooked by other publications. It also offers original fiction, including works by the website’s editor and published author, John Snider. “My not-so-subtle message to scifi fans is to think outside the box,” Snider says. “All too often, we get caught up in our own ruts. We get lazy, and we don’t reward writers and moviemakers who put out something different, then complain about how derivative everything is.”

Snider’s very conscious of his decision to launch an online magazine, as opposed to a website, because “to me a website is just a static thing, something stale that may or may not even get updated,” he notes. “I wanted to do on the Internet what magazines like the legendary OMNI did on paper — offer a wide variety of material on a regular basis.” SciFiDimensions, which averages about 90,000 page views a month, has new content nearly every week, with Snider writing at least half the new material and the rest coming from three or four contributors.

OMNI is Snider’s biggest science fiction influence because it
“combined cutting edge short fiction from folks like Orson Scott Card,
George R.R. Martin and Harlan Ellison with science reporting and
objective articles about things like UFOs.” That’s why readers will
find an eclectic combination of content at SciFiDimensions. There’s
commentary like “Meekly Going Nowhere: Sci-Fi in the 21st Century” and
a “Real Tech” column that focuses on science and technology, featuring
interviews with astronomers, scientists and technology entrepreneurs.
About “Real Tech,” Snider says, “If you’re interested in science
fiction, you’re interested in science, by definition. What science
fiction fan wouldn’t be interested in news about the space shuttle, or
genetic engineering?” There’s fiction to be had too, the latest
offering being “The Quarterback Gene,” by Kevin Ahearn.

And Snider, a prolific writer who will have a short story published in late summer in an anthology called Aberrant Dreams I: The Awakening,
doesn’t shy away from writing negative reviews. “I think it’s a false
choice that popcorn fun can’t also be logical and intelligent,” he
believes. A choice excerpt from his review of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith:
“When he’s choreographing duels, dogfights, vast space armadas locked
in combat, or exotic alien vistas, [George] Lucas is Leonardo da Vinci;
when he’s directing human beings, he’s Ed Wood.”

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