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Site of the Week – Horror Blog’s “Weekly Roundtable”

horrorblog.JPGNews, reviews, and snarky opinions are the backbone of the blogging world, and horror is no exception. What began two years ago as a traditional genre blog, The Horror Blog has slowly blossomed into an entertaining forum for expression thanks to the weekly Horror Roundtable, in which prominent bloggers assemble to answer questions like “Setting Zombies on Fire: Decent Strategy or Horrible Mistake?”. Curated by Steven Wintle, each Roundtable topic is an opportunity to pick the brains of writers who really know their stuff.

“I sent out invitations to the first batch of participants just to get the ball rolling,” says Wintle, “This group was comprised of practically every horror blogger I could think of. After that initial drive, I would occasionally extend an open invite on the blog, and we would get new recruits either that way or just by people inquiring about it.” Wintle gives full credit to his panelists for the Roundtable’s success to date, “It’s like a dinner party, but everyone invited is a cannibal.”

Of course, Wintle has favorite discussions. “I’m a big softie, so
overall I think the answers related to real-world experiences are among
my favourites.” These include first horror movie memories and the people responsible for our obsessions,
among others. “I also really enjoy topics that allow the participants
to flaunt their knowledge. I’ve discovered dozens of great horror
movies through their recommendations in topics such as horrific non-horror films, the obscure, and the really obscure. He also gets a kick out of the goofier themes, “Especially playing Blackwell, and bad Halloween candy.”

Fans of the Horror Blog will note that while the weekly Roundtable
operates regularly, over time, Wintle’s own blog posts have fallen by
the wayside. “My reasons for cutting back are the usual tedious
nonsense. The tipping point, however, occurred at the world premiere of
Diary of the Dead,
Wintle recalls. “Here I was, just minutes after watching a movie about
the perils of living your life through a lens, and I was juggling a
tape recorder and camera instead of enjoying the event to its fullest.
That’s when I decided to cut back.” Quizzing other writers in the field
affords him more comfort as a fan and a particpant in the genre. “The
reason I started the Roundtable in the first place was to allow readers
the opportunity to check out a wide sampling of some of the best horror
writing on the internet and continue on to those author’s respective
sites,” Wintle says. “So if you visit the Roundtable and see anything you
like, please click on through. You won’t regret it.”

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