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SciFi Power Ranking – Narnians on Track, Abrams on Trek (May 19, 2008)

“The Power Rankings are a much different place than you remember, my young Padawan.” (Sorry, wrong Liam Neeson franchise.) Indeed, week three of the Scifi Power Rankings sees quite a bit of shake-up. The Narnians storm to the top past Tony Stark, while online buzz helps Watchmen and City of Ember enter the race in strong positions. Two more Spidey films? Excelsior?

Take a magical journey to Rank-nia below.

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 1 ironman.jpg Iron Man
Not only is Iron Man the season’s top grosser so far, and building every week, but it’s also inspired real life armored soldiers. But do they come with a real-life “trusty gal Friday” as adorable as Pepper Potts?
2 caspian.jpg The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Reviews are mixed, and opening weekend was lower than expected, but look to Narnia to continue its worldwide success. (At least until Indy and Little Indy crack their whips.)
3 trek.jpg Star Trek
J.J. Abrams says his Trek film is “more than a prequel.” Fans are already speculating this means it’s also a sequel to Nemesis . Those TNG fans just never give up hope, do they?
4 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
The video journal and a leaked set visit have fans clamoring for the 2009 release. If it’s a success, expect a new era of adult comic book films. If it tanks, relive the woes of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
5 cityofember.jpg City of Ember
The new trailer premiered before Caspian. Sure, it’s another fantasy movie from Walden Media. But what other kids movie boasts Bill Murray, Tim Robbins, Martin Landau, and Atonement ‘s Saoirse Ronan?
6 cronenberg.jpg Timecrimes
David Cronenberg could direct a remake of the indie scifi thriller. Cronenberg returning to heady scifi? Here’s hoping it makes more sense than Existenz.
7 spiderman3.jpg Spider-Man 4 & 5
The writer of Zodiac turned in a Spider-Man 4 script that could wind up being two films. Will Raimi, Maguire, and Dunst stay on the franchise far into the next decade?
8 georgeclooney.jpg Men Who Stare at Goats
Clooney starring in a paranormal thriller about soldiers with extraordinary powers? Sure. Directed by his producing partner Grant Heslov? Okay. That title? Not so much.
9 5 speedracer.jpg Speed Racer
The box office tumble inspired “crash” puns from fans/critics. But are box office expectations too high these days? Did Warners inflate the numbers to make Speed come out ahead of Ashton and Cameron?
10 –  donnie_darko.jpg S. Darko
A Donnie Darko sequel not directed by Richard Kelly and featuring only one original cast member? You can blame the Hot Topic crowd for the existence of this debacle. And also Emo Peter Parker.
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