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Q&A – Cinemania Host Regan Burns


The host of AMC’s Cinemania talks about the show, his celebrity status, the future of Tivo and his secret life as an adult film star.

Q: You were on AMC’s last movie show, The Movie Club. Did the Cinemania opportunity come out of that experience?

A: It actually had absolutely nothing to do with that. In fact, to be honest with you, I’m not sure if AMC even remembers I was on that show. I had hosted shows in the past, and I told my peeps, my representatives, that if I’m going to host anything in the future it has to be something that I’m enthusiastic about — not just Celebrity Fit Cook-Off. But they said there was a movie show in development at AMC, and I am a movie buff, so I said definitely.

Q: Cinemania is all about knowing the minutiae of movies. Are you a big trivia buff?

A: Heck yeah. I kick ass. And I try to work that in a little bit. But the thing I have to remember is, I’m talking with the people who made the movie. They already know the answers to these, so they’re not really impressed. So when I go, “It must have been really interesting working with the second AD Jack Salinger who also was the special effects coordinator on a little movie that came out in 1982,” they’re like, “Yeah, Jack’s cool, he’s a real nice guy.” And I’m like, “Aren’t you impressed that I knew that?” “No not really.” They just figure some producer told me, I just want to raise my hand and go, “NO! NO! I really do love your movie! I really am a dork!”

Q: Which Cinemania movie are you most excited about?

A: Of the first six we did, when I saw we were sitting down with Rob Reiner and Mandy Patinkin for The Princess Bride, I was pretty jazzed for that. I mean, you’re looking at Rob Reiner and you’re like, “Is there a type of movie you haven’t done?” As far as movies go, I think we had a pretty good lineup in this first series. I know we have The Usual Suspects coming up, which I’m really jazzed about.

Q: What movie would you most want to do on the show?

A: It’s always easier to go with Oscar winners, but I would love to see us go with the movies that are a little more culty favorites, like Rocky Horror Picture Show, just to hear about the insanity that probably happened on set. Then probably Baby Geniuses. That or SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2. Is there not one person who does not want to talk to Jon Voight about why he was in that?

Q: You’ve also hosted a lot of those E! Hollywood Countdowns.

A: Oh my God, I did so many of them. I think the one that has the funniest title was E!’s 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops. It’s like Okay, we did 101 Celebrity Oops, that’s already horrible. Now, let’s just go Even Bigger Celebrity Oops, and I’m like, “Is it really that much bigger? If it was that big, wouldn’t it have made the first 101? You’re telling me that after you put together what was supposed to be the 101 BIGGEST Celebrity Oops, you found 101 that were even bigger??” Those are fine and they’re fun to do, but here’s pretty much what they are: Regan, why don’t you come in, and for about three hours we would like to have you bust on people who make way more money than you and are far more famous. Can you come in and just seem like a resentful washed up man? Yes, I can.

Q: You’ve had a lot of roles over your career — what do people on the street recognize you for?

A: You know what’s really funny? I had Oblivious, it was on TV for a couple years, I had my Comedy Central show last year, Halfway Home, and I’ve done a ton of guest star stuff. I’ve always said this: I could win an Academy Award in this town, and people would still walk up to me on the street and go, “You’re the toilet paper guy, right? You did the funny thing where the monkey jumped on your head then you bit into a Dunkin’ Donut, right?” I don’t know who owns TiVos or not because I haven’t watched a commercial in six years, but apparently somebody is because I get recognized so much for commercial stuff.

Q: Do you worry people might TiVo right through Cinemania?

A: No. Here’s what people will do with TiVos. If they turn on a given night and they want to see Terminator 2: Judgment Day on AMC. And the movie starts and then we cut away for the first Cinemania clip of the evening, immediately people will go to push the fast forward button to speed over us. Then they will catch a glimpse of my incredibly sexy face, and immediately their brain will send a message to their fingers going “Hey! Stop! Let’s see what this hot guy is talking about.” Once they play it, they’re immediately enthralled and there you have it. Then, guess what they’re doing? They’re fast-forwarding through the movie to get to the next Cinemania segment. That is what we expect. It’s not me, though, it’s all AMC’s marketing.

Q: That and the casting director.

A: And the casting director. They’re the ones who put the money shot up there. Now, are you going to ask me about my porn career?

Q: Do you have one?

A: Hello?! How do you think I got half the jobs on my resume? I’m sure there was a video camera somewhere in that casting office.

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