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Project Runway‘s Chris March Thinks Horror Movies Make Real Life Less Scary

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When designer Chris March unveiled gorgeous garments made with real human hair on the finale of Project Runway‘s fourth season, the judges balked and eliminated him. “Other designers have used the exact same hair at Fashion Week, and been thought of as cutting edge,” March comments, but with current projects including designs for a coffee table book, red carpet dresses, Broadway shows, and a pilot for his own fashion makeover show, he is too busy to hold a grudge. “It’s reality television,” he explains lightly, “They couldn’t resist taking aim at the obvious.”

As you might imagine, within this fearless designer beats the heart of a true horror fan. “I think safely experiencing fear by watching a horror movie makes real life a little less frightening,” he says, citing Candyman as the last movie that really scared him: “I got really caught up in the idea that those childhood games could make something terrible happen.” As a costumer, which old favorites would he leap at the chance to remake? “I suppose I’d go with a classic and say Dracula ,” says March, “but I’d love to get my hands on that Bride of Frankenstein hairdo!”

Chris March’s Top 10 Horror Movies:

10. Rosemary’s Baby
9. The Haunting
8. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
7. Carrie
6. House of Wax
5. The Shining
4. The Omen
3. Carnival of Souls
2. Psycho
1. Ten Little Indians

“My number one horror movie is the 60s British version of Ten Little Indians,” March says, “This movie scared me TO DEATH when I was a kid–I still dream about it. I have always loved the creativity of all ten murders!”

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