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Site of the Week – Movie Madness Video

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It’s nothing fancy. Just a bare bones website with information about Mike’s video store, Movie Madness, in Portland, Oregon. So why celebrate it on Because it’s the only video store that’s also a museum of authentic movie costumes and props. Imagine going to rent Psycho and, at the same time, being able to see the prop knife used in the iconic shower scene. That deserves a nod from film fans far and wide. And, for those that can’t visit in person, owner Michael Clark includes photos of some of his “pieces of movie history” online.

How exactly does a Portland man end up with 80 costumes and 40 props used in his favorite movies? It all started with a trip to Vegas.

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“We were staying at Ceasar’s Palace,” he says. “There was an auction
there, being held by Antique International… I started to bid on Diane
Keaton’s dress from Godfather Part II and
before I knew it I won this incredible piece.” Even though it cost him
$3,500 and he didn’t remember the outfit until he went home and
re-watched the movie, he had no regrets. Next he acquired the Psycho knife and Shelley Winter’s dress from A Place In the Sun … and the collection just kept growing. His most recent addition: The chair Ingrid Bergman sat in at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca , a film Mike loves so much he says he’s seen it over 40 times.

With his permission we’ve reprinted some items from his collection
here so you can test your own level of movie madness. Can you identify
what film’s they’re from? Here’s a hint: The first was found by Kyle
MacLachlan, the second was worn by Peter Boyle and the third helped
disguise Tony Curtis.

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Netflix and new technology, is Mike worried his video store (said to be
the “best Independent Video Store in the World”) will go the way of the
silent film? “My store is very unusual and a fun place to visit,” he
says. “I have over 130,000 customers. They have told me many times that
they will continue doing business with me forever.”

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