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Million Dollar Baby‘s Maggie Fitzgerald Is the Ultimate Warrior Girl

Last weekend, a piece titled “The Uneven Playing Field” ran on the cover of the New York Times Magazine. Part of a soon-to-be published book titled, Warrior Girls, the article detailed the high injury rate for girls on elite soccer teams. These young women spend years training and playing soccer, on school teams, in off-season leagues, traveling teams and in tournaments. The wear and tear on their bodies is immense, and statistics indicate that girls suffer more injuries than boys playing the same sport.

Some have responded that the article’s author, Michael Sokolove is trying to erode Title IX, the landmark legislation that guarantees women the same amount of sports funding as men in all public high schools and universities. Others have suggested that injuries or no, these girls are highly competitive and will stop at nothing to continue playing. While their fierceness is impressive, these girls have nothing on Million Dollar Baby‘s Maggie Fitzgerald in the determination department.

When Maggie (Hillary Swank) walks into Frankie Dunn’s (Clint Eastwood) gym, hoping he’ll train her, he says no. Firmly. Resoundingly. Again and again. But she wears him down. And it turns out she’s good — and a champion. For Maggie’s best moves, visit our photo gallery.


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