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Isabella Rossellini Stars as The Fly and Spiderman in Bug Sex Movies


Think it was neat seeing Jeff Goldblum dissolve stuff with his saliva? Wait until you see Isabella Rossellini, one of the most beautiful film stars of all time, take a crack at a gigantic plate of spaghetti.

In her entrancing new short film series, Green Porno, she costumes herself as a housefly, a spider and many other ugly bugs in order to demonstrate how they have sex. Enacting both male and female roles (where they apply), Rossellini proves herself to be a timeless sex symbol even when saddled with cumbersome gear like compound eyes, spinnerets, and mantis-claws. I hope Tobey Maguire is paying attention; she could surely teach shy Peter Parker a thing or two about how male spiders are supposed to conduct themselves in the boudoir.

To see how Isabella Rossellini Fulfills Her Girlhood Dream With Green Porno, click here.

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