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Horror Surfer – Find Your Next Zombie at Macy’s; Creature From the Black Lagoon Gets a Makeover

scary cake resized.jpg

• Director Dan Myrick wants people to know he’s not just a one-hit wonder and say, “OK, this guy can do more than just one movie, he can do more than just Blair Witch.” 

• The older you get, the scarier birthdays become. To celebrate my decay: Cakes that are edible and age-appropriate.

• Dismembered Macy’s mannequins are given new life in Florida. “It’s a handmade zombie farm.”

• has exclusive news about Breck Eisner’s Creature From the Black Lagoon remake: The updated Gill Man will surface in the Forest of Mirrors.

• Eli Roth ( Hostel ) isn’t ditching horror. “A headline that nasty is not only untrue, it makes it seem like I’m like spitting in the face of everyone who’s ever supported me.” Let’s be clear: His PG-13 film will be scary, just in a different way.

• A cajun werewolf legend turned a struggling artist into a multi-millionaire. CBS would like you to Meet the Blue Dog.

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