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Horror Power Ranking List – Faces of Death Kills the Competition (May 26, 2008)

Summertime means action movies and counter-programming, so we may have to tread water for a little bit until we get closer to August, a.k.a. “It’s All Right to Show Horror Movies Again” Month. That doesn’t mean there’s no news, it just means that we get a large turnover this week, with only powerhouse Twilight hanging on for the fourth week in a row. But, it’s our own website that breaks the biggest news of the week, and for that, Faces of Death grabs the top slot:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 facesofdeath-75x75.jpg Faces of Death
Our own Tom Blunt snags the exclusive that Faces of Death was faked! Is nothing sacred anymore? Can’t we make a good old fashioned snuff film, just like pa used to do?
2 georgeromero.jpg Diary of the Dead
The legendary director George A. Romero sees his latest well-received flick, Diary of The Dead, as well as a remastered Night of The Living Dead hit DVD. You might say he’s Dead And Loving It. No, you wouldn’t.
3 2 twilight.jpg Twilight
Twilight continues to steadily fall down the chart, as we only see a new article about the flick every OTHER hour. Come on, Twilight: pick up the pace. Didn’t you read what I had to say above? News, Twilight! I need news!
4 night_watch-75x75.jpg Dusk Watch
Timur Bekmambetov’s Russian BO topping “Watch” series gets its third and final installment, meaning we’ll have to go somewhere else for a horror themed Matrix rip-off.
5 hapening-75x75.jpg The Happening
A Red-Band trailer hits, as do people and the street. By which I mean, the viral marketing campaign for the M. Night flick has people pretending to die in the street, just like they do in the movie itself. Fun!
6 misosoup-75x75.jpg Miso Soup
Wim Wenders will direct Willem Dafoe in a horror film about a murderer with superhuman strength and metallic skin. See, I told him. “Willem,” I said. “You do Spider-Man , you’re just going to get typecast.” But does he listen? Nope.
7 thehater-75x75.jpg The Hater
Guillermo del Toro will produce this tale of people who go mad when an epidemic of random violence hits. But don’t worry, it’s totally different from The Happening. Or The Signal . Or Stephen King’s Cell. Or…
8 walkingdeadvol875x75.jpg The Walking Dead
Robert Kirkman’s brilliant zombie survival series gets closer to its landmark 50th issue. But first, this week we got an enhanced special edition of issue one, which is well worth picking up.
9 strangers-75x75.jpg The Strangers
With one week to go, IESB grabs six clips from the totally creepy, based-on-true-events film. Why doesn’t anyone ever make a film based on the true event of “that time I bought a puppy?” Wouldn’t that be nicer?
10 deadshesaid-75x75.jpg Dead, She Said
30 Days of Night ‘s Steve Niles releases a new pulp-inspired comic from IDW, featuring a PI with his guts hanging out, a suspect ripped to shreds, and possibly a horde of giant killer ants. We’re not quite sure yet.
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