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Horror Power Ranking – Bioshock Gets Big Screen Deal; Twilight Stays on Top (May 12, 2008)

Between Twilight and Prom Night, it seems like the way to set up a successful horror movie is to end the title with “-ight.” Or maybe not: Cloverfield manages to hang on the list, despite no actual news. Hey, Clover is one powerful fish-monster, what can we say?

Actually, what can you say? Think we got something horribly wrong? Or missed the biggest horror news of the week? Then talk back in the comments, and let us know what you think. This week’s topic of discussion: Come up with a horror movie song parody title! As an example, “Jason’s Mom,” a parody of Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom.” Go to it, Monsterfesters.

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 1 twilight.jpg Twilight
The Twilight trailer gets released on MySpace, and quickly works it’s way to become the second most downloaded trailer of all time; the number one spot isn’t too far out of its sights. Hey, it’s Twilight‘s world, we just live in it.
2 poultreygeist.jpg Poultrygeist
Sorry non-New Yorkers, but we’re the only people who get to see a theatrical “screaming” of the latest Troma masterpiece. Ron Jeremy. Lipstick lesbians. And hundreds of undead chickens. We’re so there.
3 bioshock-75x75.jpg Bioshock
Gore Verbinski ( Pirates of the Caribbean ) signs on to direct the film adaptation of the mega-selling video game. Can’t wait to see the Little Sisters betray each other, then form alliances, then betray each other again. Then form another alliance.
4 5 cloverfield75x75.jpg Cloverfield
Pics from the Cloverfield 2 viral campaign turn out to be from the end of first Cloverfield viral campaign. Still, for a few hours, the Internet was all aflutter, which is good news for the monster sequel.
5 dealwiththedevil-75x75.jpg Deal With The Devil
Lionsgate picks up the Alias Enterprises comic book series about a cop who teams up with a serial killer to stop a series of copycat killings. If it’s anything like Rush Hour , sign us up.
6 igor-75x75.jpg Igor
Not so much horror as horror parody, next summer’s big budget, animated mad scientists vs. assistants movie gets a trailer. Who knew John Cusack had gotten so short, and fat?
7 xfiles-75x75.jpg The X-Files: I Want To Believe
Mulder & Scully walk through the snow, followed by helicopters, with a big, bloody “X,” in the Polish version of the X-Files 2 poster. And we still have no clue what the movie is about.
8 frontiers75x75.jpg Frontier(s)
Our reviewer thought it was a slick technical package that feels dead inside. Dead inside is just how we like our horror, isn’t it?
9 10 Prom Night
Thanks a lot for making liars of us, Prom Night. Last week we said that not only would the movie be out of the top 10, but $50mil was out of it’s reach. Now, both things look to be false. Stay tuned…
10 strangers-75x75.jpg The Strangers
The Liv Tyler home invasion flick starts gearing up its marketing with some creepy TV clips. The buzz around it has been good, and whether or not it’s based on true events, this might be the one to watch.


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