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Horror Power Ranking – Twilight on Top (May 5, 2008)

With no new horror movies opening this weekend, the Power List gets a bit of a shake-up: Twilight grabs the top spot, and future flicks take the soft, crunchy middle. Got some beef with what we have to say here? Then talk back in the comments, and let us know what you think. What did we miss? What did we get wrong? And will we ever see a film version of Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, for cripes sake?

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 2 twilight.jpg Twilight
Word on the street is that the Twilight trailer will premiere next weekend with Speed Racer. Word on the street is also that the trailer will be the only reason most people go to see the racing flick.
2 lettherightonein-75x75.jpg Let The Right One In
The Swedish slasher movie steals all the buzz, and the top prize at the Tribeca Film Festival. So what’s next? A Hammer Films remake. Uh-oh.
3 thedescent.jpg The Descent 2
One of last year’s best horror flicks gets a cast, which will include members returning from the original. Though Neil Marshall won’t be directing, he will produce, which makes this A-OK in my book.
4 clocktower.jpg Clock Tower
The semi-popular video game series gets a film adaptation, with Martin Weisz, director of The Hills Have Eyes 2 at the helm. Hopefully this doesn’t conflict with my killer gator script, “Croc Tower.”
5 cloverfield75x75.jpg Cloverfield
“Roar,” the end credit overture from Cloverfield, hits iTunes, and it’s about time. Purchase nine and a half minutes of glory, and picture the big budget mayhem you missed the first time around.
6 house-on-sorority-row-75x75.jpg The House on Sorority Row
The remake was already announced, but Summit, producers of P2 and Twilight, have nailed down the rights to the script, which means a sorority slasher with no nudity, and just a little blood. You know, just like horror fans like?
7 hapening-75x75.jpg The Happening
M. Night Shyamalan’s latest scare-fest gets a full trailer, and a fun drinking game: Every time someone says the word “happening,” chug!
8 highmoon.jpg High Moon
The popular online werewolves vs. vampire cowboys comic returns to the Power List as it ends its second act with a bang. Or should I say, a bite? No, a bang.
9 1 rogue75x75.jpg Rogue
This croc doesn’t rock; Rogue only makes about $771 per theater opening weekend. Yipes. Maybe, given the Michael Vartan connection, they should have called it, Never Been Bit?
10 5 Prom Night
Prom Night manages to hang out in both the B.O. top 10, and our top 10, at least for one more week. Though, at this point, reaching $50mil might be a stretch.


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