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Four Simple Ways to Make a Tyrannosaurus Rex Appear

Dinosaurs are extinct but that doesn’t mean they don’t land lead roles outside the LaBrea Tar Pits. The challenge has never been with the casting agency tracking them down; it’s been with the screenwriter trying to justify their appearances on screen. Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here are four approaches that have continually allowed filmmakers to put Pterodactyls and Stegosauruses in front of the camera.

1. If you really want a dinosaur, simply search the far corners of the earth. One of the most common methods of tracking down a Brontosaurus is world travel. The Lost World found them on a volcanic-elevated plain in the Amazon; The Land That Time Forgot chanced upon them in the South Seas. And Journey to the Center of the Earth discovered dinos right where the title says.

2. If you can’t find a dinosaur, make one from scratch. In Jurassic Park , scientists use DNA samples to breed their own T-Rex. In Carnosaur , the brilliant geneticist can do it from a chicken’s egg. (Take that Steven Spielberg!)

3. If you can neither find them nor hatch them, use your imagination…or better yet your child’s. Kids love bringing plastic figurines of prehistoric reptiles to life. So does Hollywood. Toy Story did it in miniature; Night at the Museum did it to scale.

4. If all else fails, go back in time. Cavewoman Raquel Welch lived among them in One Million Years B.C. but in A Sound of Thunder, Ben Kingsley travels back in time to hunt ’em down. That’s called the best of two worlds.

Want to see Approach No. 1 in action, check out The Lost World on AMC on Thursday, May 22 at 11AM | 10C. Click here for the full schedule .

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