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Filmmaker and Actor Sydney Pollack Dies at 73


Yesterday’s news of Sydney Pollack’s death at the age of 73 has exposed how ill-prepared the world of cinema is to even begin to measure this legendary filmmaker’s contribution. As fans and mourners, we are left scrambling to catch up, poring over his long list of credits and rediscovering the films with his signature wry style — be it Tootsie, the Oscar-winning Out of Africa, or last year’s Michael Clayton, where he appeared on the other side of the camera, opposite George Clooney.

As a director, Pollack worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Sean Penn, Sally Field, and in seven different movies, Robert Redford. Perhaps it helped that Pollack originally set out to make his mark on the world in the 1960s as as an actor. Not surprisingly, he also showed up onscreen nearly as many times as he turned up in a director’s chair, adding a face and personality to a name — a relationship audiences rarely enjoy with filmmakers.

Which film directed by Pollack will best carry on his legacy? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts below.

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