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Daily Scan: 05.29.08 – Sony Says Tobey Maguire Still Spider-Man; Will Neil Gaiman Write for Dr. Who?

001 b Breach.JPG• J.K. Rowling will be auctioning off an 800-word Harry Potter prequel for charity.

The Telegraph has a sweet profile with William Shatner in which he candidly discusses his dead wife, who he found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool.

• Tobey Maguire is still Spider-Man, according to Sony, and they seem pretty emphatic about it.

• Anyone who reads my other blog will know this is precisely the sort of thing I grok: Weird Tales is kicking off 365 days of blasphemous horrors, images inspired by the Cthulhu mythos.

• Topless Robot looks at some truly appalling Star Wars rip-offs from the ’70s.

• Is Laura Roslin the last Cylon?

• The latest issue of Servo Magazine profiles the R2 Astromech Builder’s Club.

• Five Lost fans won the eBay auction for the Mystery Tales comic that appeared in the Lost episode “Cabin Fever,” and they’re posting the pages one by one on their blog. I doubt it means anything, but cool.

• Spock’s new ride in Trek XI: a Vulcan time ship. Jeez, J.J. Don’t you know time travel is part of what ruined Star Trek to begin with?

• Will Neil Gaiman write for Moffat in the next season of Doctor Who?

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