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Daily Scan: 05.27.08 – The Science of Superman; Stephen Colbert for President of the Marvel Universe

section_rayo.jpg• The trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is now online, detailing Brad Pitt’s birth as an 80-year-old man who ages backwards.

• Geeks of Doom interviews Bruce Campbell, the Chin himself.

• A special Watchmen tie-in DVD, the Tales of the Black Freighter, will be in stores within days of the film’s theatrical release.

• The Phoenix Lander has landed safely on Mars and is now broadcasting live.

• Christopher Tolkien doesn’t want Guillermo Del Toro to direct The Hobbit. Why? Tolkien wants more money.

• SF Signal points us to the science of Superman.

• And while we’re at it, SF Signal reminds us that everything we want to know about space travel can be learned from Walt Disney.

• Director Kyle Newman (Fanboys) talks about 31 years of Star Wars.

• Stephen Colbert: Official presidential candidate of the Marvel Universe.

Printfection does some incredible retro-futuristic t-shirt designs.

• The weekend saw the delivery of many new Incredible Hulks foisted onto the web.

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