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Daily Scan: 05.22.08 – Flash Gordon Remade, New Hulk Material Released

beastbillionbacks.jpgHighlander and Flash Gordon are being remade, despite the absence of Freddy Mercury from this mortal coil.

• SF Signal throws another Mind Meld, this time about scientific accuracy in stories.

• Den of Geek lists the 7 Best Star Wars Parodies ever, although any list with Family Guy on it loses points for lack of class.

• Charlie Sorrel over at Wired lists five gadgets that will make you a superhero. (No, they won’t.)

• Marvel has released a load of new Incredible Hulk material to the web.

• Games Radar takes us through the Darwinian evolution of lightsabers in video games.

• The new Futurama movie is hitting DVD on June 24th, and it’s now available for preorder.

• Andre Norton’s sci-fi series about Cold War Soviets against time-traveling US spies is now available free online.

• See the near ship collision that didn’t make it into the last episode of Battlestar Galactica.

• io9 lists the 20 craziest kaiju, yet neglects to mention Dr. Cube.

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