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Daily Scan: 05.21.08 – A New Trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Fringe; SciFi Cover Art of the Fifties

2061624839_6fb1b64f07_m.jpg• The reviews of Indy IV may not be good, but the toy tie-ins sure are: own your own toy Crystall Skull projector.

• NASA gives you a 3D CGI tour of the largest valley in the solar system

• The composer of Battlestar Galactica offers some astute, first-hand analysis of Gaeta’s Song. Terrible lyrics, but haunting melody… it’s full of clues!

• J.J. Abrams’ new scifi show, Fringe, gets a trailer.

• SF Signal points us to the Heroes Season 3 propaganda bomb.

• Robert Orci talks about Star Trek XI and Transformers 2. The latter has Soundwave!

• The best Doctor Who writer (not saying much) will be replacing Russel T. Davies in 2010.

• Philip K. Dick’s Ubik may be coming to theaters soon.

• Yes, that is E.T. jumping the General Lee.

• With the recent overturning of California’s gay marriage ban, Star Trek’s most fabulous sotto voce homosexual will be marrying his long time boyfriend. Congratulations, Mr. Sulu!

• Wired has posted an interview with Battlestar Galactica frontsman, Ronald D. Moore.

• io9 acquaints us with the seven types of bad bosses according to Trek.

• A fantastic gallery of 1950s scifi cover art.

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