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Daily Scan: 05.16.08 – Emile Hirsch Fires His Agent; the Most Famous SciFi Locations in the World


• Cartoonist Will Elder, a formative genius of MAD, has died at 87. Jeez, what a bummer… this guy was formative on my sense of humor.

• Josie and the Pussy Cats launch into outer space. NASA should probably avoid making the lift off procedure on their space ships trigger with the accidental throwing of a single lever.

Arthur C. Clarke’s last book will be The Last Theorem.

• Cinematical looks at the most famous scifi locations in the real world.

• The preview for tonight’s episode of Battlestar Galactica looks surprisingly dramatic, given the plodding pace of the last six episodes.

• Director of content of BBC Worldwide remarks “It’s fantastic how creative Doctor Who fans are.” If only the same thing could be said about the show writers.

Dawn of the Dead… in 3D!

City of Ember, a post-apocalyptic movie (for kids!), gets a trailer.

May the Font Be With You.

• How big a flop was Speed Racer? Star Emile Hirsch has fired his agent over the debacle.

• Fox unveils a new scifi strategy, which presumably does not involve canceling their scifi shows mid-season.

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