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Daily Scan: 05.12.08 – Eric Stoltz Joins Caprica; Frank Miller Sets His Sights on Buck Rogers

Mazzamatazz knitted Odd Doctor Who.jpgThe Daily Mail has posted a surprisingly sympathetic tribute to William Shatner to help promote his latest autobiography.

• Roger Ebert speculates that scifi fanzines were the progenitors of blogs.

• Eric Stoltz is joining the cast to Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica.

Speed Racer was simply destroyed this weekend at the box office. It deserved to be. It doesn’t work on any level: As a racing film, the racing is too cartoonish to offer any excitement. As a living cartoon, it’s better, but it just isn’t a very funny or interesting one.

• Conclusive proof that Ronald Moore had no idea who the Final Five Cylons were as recently as the end of last season.

• The BBC shuts down a fan who dared to post Doctor Who inspired knitting patterns. Boo.

• Boy, no one wants to stick around Smallville this season. I don’t blame them: It’s a small town full of country-fried hicks and radioactive bad guys.

• The nostalgic world of ‘70s scifi lunchboxes.

• After Frank Miller gets done ruining The Spirit, he’ll turn his sights on Buck Rogers

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