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Daily Scan: 05.06.08 – Ebert Blogs About Arthur C. Clarke; Bad Marine Biology in Cloverfield


• io9 points out what happens when music nerds and scifi collides.

• An actual biologist blanches and winces at the terrible marine biology of Cloverfield.

• Great news, Browncoats: you can now pre-order the Firefly Blu-ray set.

• The apocalypse will not feature swearing: Terminator 4 eyes a PG-13 rating.

• All the best giant robots go Ivy League.

• The Official Star Wars Blog looks at all the Star Wars stuff at the latest MAKEr Faire.

• The actual physics behind Iron Man technology.

• John D responds to some thoughts by John Scalzi about the state of young adult scifi.

• Roger Ebert blogs about his long friendship and respect for Arthur C. Clarke.

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