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Daily Scan: 05.05.2008 – Iron Man Sequel in 2010; Creature from the Black Lagoon to Rise Again


Iron Man did so well last weekend that a sequel has basically been confirmed for the first week of May, 2010.

• The NCC-1701 bottle opener allows you to get loaded with the help of the saucer section.

• The latest trailer for The Dark Knight. John DeNardo of SF Signal speaks ill-truth of the dead when he notes the Joker sounds like a whining insurance salesman.

The Creature will rise from the black lagoon soon.

• BuddyTV talks about the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica and basically points out the show is dragging again. I’ve just about lost interest in BSG. I liked the show a lot more when it was about the day to day logistics of survival, as opposed to politics.

• Popular Science asks what can movies teach us about space travel. Well, at least this: In space, no one can hear you scream.

Bummer: John Berkey, artist of the King Kong remake’s excellent poster, died las week.

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