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Daily Scan: 05.02.2008 – The Science in Iron Man; Tomorrow is Free Comic Day


Gremlins make their first appearance in 17 years thanks to a UK BT advertisement.

• The beautifully hypnotic repetition of “He’s Dead, Jim”.

• io9 lists four styles you’ll wear in the future according to scifi. I’m glad I’ve lost all that weight: I’ll look pretty svelte in that unisexual onesie.

• When the WB’s new interactive website launches in August, you’ll be able to catch live streaming shows like Buffy and Roswell.

• Remember: May 3rd is free comic day. Hit up your local comic book store for some swag. Start a rumpus if they deny you.

• Topless Robot clues us in to this most fantastic R2D2 projector. Help me, Obi Wan! You’re my only hope.

• A gorgeous anthropomorphic scifi city on the cover of Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

• New Scientist looks at the science behind Iron Man. Any real science is accidental, of course.

• Robots may be awesome, but they sure can’t do Pulp Fiction.

• First Gwen Stacy, now Barry Allen: The Silver Age Flash is coming back from the dead. Yawn.

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