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The Cinemania Triva Challenge – Jurassic Park


How well do you know Jurassic Park?  Take our Cinemania Trivia Challenge to find out.  Leave your answers in the comments section below then check back Friday afternoon on May 23 to see if you’re right.

1. Dr. Grant’s computer reveals what kind of dinosaur buried at his Badlands dig?

2. What is the jeep number that Dr. Sattler begins the tour in?

3. What is the ship number on the east dock that Dennis Nedry is frantic to get to?

4. What type of dinosaur was Dr. Alan Grant’s favorite as a kid?

5. What type of dinosaurs does Dr. Grant, Tim and Lex see running from the T-Rex? 

6. What channel on the walkie-talkie does Dr. Sattler tell John Hammond she’ll be on? 

7. How many volts is the T-Rex electric fence charged with?

8. How far does Tim count before he gets blown off the T-Rex fence?

9. What’s the number on the rescue helicopter?


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