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The Cinemania Trivia Challenge – Die Hard


How well do you know Die Hard ?  Take our Cinemania Trivia Challenge to find out.  Leave your answers in the comments section below then check back Friday afternoon on May 16 to see if you’re right.

1.What kind of watch does Holly get from Nakatomi?

2. What are John’s kid’s names?

3. Where did Mr. Takagi get his law degree?

4. Where is Mr. Takagi’s suit from?

5. What famous conqueror does Hans Gruber quote?

6. What is the address of the Nakatomi Plaza?

7. What is the number on top of Sgt Al Powell’s police car?

8. What American hero does John tell Gruber he’s partial to and why?

9. Who called John, Mr. McClane, in the 3rd grade?

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