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According to Fashion Industry, Superhero Is the New Floral

Most of us only fight crime as an excuse to flaunt our figures in latex and body-armor, but unfortunately, that means dressing like dishwater-drab Clark Kents in our everyday lives, right? Think again, says the New York Times. “In case you haven’t heard, superhero is the new floral. Faster than a speeding bullet, it has become the fashion industry’s springtime obsession.”

What does that mean? Lots of webby, clingy garb and utility-themed accessories, in bright colors that exclaim “KAPOW!” and “ZAM!” A look at the accompanying slideshow proves that designers are striving to put secret identities in the spotlight.

Some of these styles look a little retro; in putting superheroes on the cutting edge as fashion, are we opening the door to full-blown kitsch? Try not to think about it — as The Incredibles‘ Edna Mode would say, “I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now!”

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