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Zombie Strippers Reviews – Not Worth the Dance

zombie strippers.JPGJenna Jameson has undoubtedly suffered many indignities over the years, but facing critical review in the New York Times and its ilk is a trauma with its own special sting:

“As a movie, Zombie Strippers makes for a great trailer.” — Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly

“Those excited by the words ‘Zombie Strippers’ alone won’t be disappointed by Jay Lee’s unabashedly schlocky film, which he wrote, directed, shot and edited. (Need it actually be said that everyone else can safely sit this one out?)” — Laura Kern, The New York Times

“Pole dance, gut munch, pole dance, gut munch, ad finitum.” — Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Even manages some George Romero-style social commentary, with zombie-dom as a metaphor for plastic surgery — that star Jenna Jameson’s plasticized, pre-zombie face is actually scarier than the final monstrous version only proves the point.” — Luke Y. Thompson, Village Voice

“What does not kill me makes me stronger? Sorry, Nietzsche. In Zombie Strippers, it’s more like what does kill you makes you a better stripper.” — Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic

“You could go less esoteric and simply view it as the big-screen version of Jenna Jameson’s autobiography although with creative license taken on her dietary habits over the years.” — Erik Childress, eFilmCritic

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