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Tribeca Film Festival – Amy Poehler Enjoys Insulting Questions from Foreign Press

Amy Poehler surprised everyone last night when she said there’s a ghost in her movie Baby Mama. “Like, you know, Three Men and a Baby ?” she explained. “There’s a moment in the movie where there’s a ghost behind the curtain. You can only see it if you go to see it in the theater.” The comedian wasn’t giving many straight answers last night, in part because her Tribeca Film Festival Q&A was moderated by a Saturday Night Live cohort, Fred Armisen. (He came prepared with note cards, but Poehler quickly noticed they were blank.)

For Poehler, recent stardom means more time talking to press. “You’re just using the same joke over and over again and the first couple times, it works pretty well. Then by the 40th time, the person that’s in the room with you is like, ‘Really, again?'” She also noted, “It’s fun to be interviewed by foreign reporters because they ask really insulting and personal questions.” Switching to an accent, she imitated a reporter from Brazil, “I want to ask you something — but don’t be angry at me — but do you think you are as funny because you are so short?”

Growing up, Poehler said she was inspired by Gilda Radner and Eddie Murphy. Aware that she’s now inspiration herself for the next generation of stars, her tone turned serious when a young fan asked her for advice. “At the end of the day don’t ever let the turkeys get you down,” suggested Poehler. “There’s going to be a lot of untalented people who give you advice…trust what your instincts are. You always know what’s right for you.”

The actress recalled an NBC studio tour she took in high school saying, “We stood outside and we looked in at SNL…I remember being blown away looking at the stage back then.” And although she’s arguably the show’s biggest star now, Poehler remains awestruck. “Every day you walk past the wall,” said Poehler, “Literally, to get to your office, you walk past everyone that’s ever been on… it’s very humbling.”

So what’s next for the rising star? “Comedy on the moon,” she joked.

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