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Tribeca Film Festival – Julianne Moore Empathizes With Incestuous Character of Savage Grace

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Savage Grace is based on the true story of the incestuous relationship between socialite Barbara Baekeland and her son, Tony, heirs to Bakelite plastics fortune. But the film’s star, Julianne Moore, said that the controversial storyline did not intimidate her. “The script handles the incest question beautifully. Barbara was literally boundless, so it was compelling in a sense because I have never known anyone like her,” said Moore. “She really interested me as an actress because she’s very, very far from who I am.”

The film has screened at over a dozen film festivals in the past year, including Cannes last May, but last night at the Tribeca Film Festival was the first time Moore stepped out with the film.

“I haven’t been to any film festivals with [director] Tom Kalin because I have been working,” the actress explained at a dinner held in honor of the film. Taking a break from a shoot in Pittsburgh to attend the festival proved easy enough. “This is where I live,” said Moore. “The festival is right down the street from my home, so, of course, I love it.”

“The most important part of making this movie was to be empathetic and compassionate to this really difficult character and not judge her,” said Kalin before adding, “Julianne was the key component. She really brought the character to life.”

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