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Tribeca Film Festival – Clive Owen Loves Sin City and Robert Altman

Owen also heaped praise on others he had worked with, such as Robert Altman: “He’s one of the most incisive film brains I’ve ever come across.” Regarding the rehearsal process for Gosford Park , Owen recalled the formidable director warning his actors, “Don’t come up to me and talk to me about your character. You should know why you’ve been cast.”

With Children of Men , Owen said he loved the script, but it was the first time he took a film without having a complete grip on the character. His decision was made when director Alfonso Cuarón gave him a copy of The Battle of Algiers , to illustrate what he was trying to accomplish. Owen said, “I watched about 30 minutes of that film, called him up and said, ‘I’m doing your film.'”

And although the star spent the evening complimenting others, at its close, he received a compliment of his own. When he noted that Spike Lee’s original script for Inside Man had his character wearing a mask all the time, an enthusiastic audience member couldn’t help but chime in, “Good thing he took the mask off. You’re beautiful.”

The Filmmaker Talk was moderated by Mary Harron ( American Psycho , The Notorious Betty Page ) and was the first of many presented by Apple and indieWIRE in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival.

(Photo: Marcel Thomas/Film Magic)

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