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Tribeca Film Festival Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Modine, who worked with Kubrick on Full Metal Jacket
recalled how his interpretation of the film set the temperamental
director off. “We were driving to work one day and were angry at each
other about something,” said the actor, “I said ‘Hey Stanley, I figured
out what 2001’s about: You’re born, life sucks and you die,’ He got really mad at me.”

whose late husband, Carl Sagan, spoke with Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke
about the film’s portrayal of extra terrestrials, shared her own
memory: “My recollection of Carl’s story is that he said, ‘Whatever you
do, don’t show them’ because of course they are just the transparent
projection of our fears.” As fears change, she explained, film’s that
portray them become quickly outdated, “It seems to me that there was a
period where all the extra-terrestrials looked like James Carville.”

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