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The Scanner’s Top Five: Week of 04.21

1. Nick Nadel sits down with the cast and crew of Starship Troopers 3 to discuss bugs, Vietnam, and the infallible merits of fascist propaganda.

2. John Brownlee suggests the United Nations take a page out of Emperor Palpatine’s book as he dissects the Death Star in this week’s ABC’s of SciFi.

3. Seduced by Secrets author Kristie Macrakis lists the real-life spy toys that would leave James Bond salivating in Christine Fall’s SciFi Scanner interview.

4. Alex Zalben explains how Idiocracy are all undeserved victims of audiences not knowing how to take a joke.

5. Why hasn’t man yet created robot butlers? Because we’re smart enough not to walk in the footsteps of our own apocalyptic imaginations.

SciFi Dept. Video: After wolfing down seven hot dogs at New York Comic Con, Kevin Maher challenges Lou “The Incredible Hulk” Ferrigno to an arm-wrestling competition, because gamma rays don’t have squat on processed pig loaf.

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