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The Scanner’s Top Five – Week of 04.14

1. In our ongoing ABC’s of SciFi column, Nick Nadel explains the difference between a cyberpunk and a “cyborg teen with a disdain for authority.”

2. SciFi blogger Alex Zalben wonders why the SciFi genre has a general disdain for Utopias — but neglects to consider the world of Martha Stewart Living.

3. Pulitzer-Prize winner Michael Chabon’s long-lost screenplay for finally surfaces on the Internets .

4. A British scientist claims that the chances of mankind finding intelligent life in the Universe are about as small as the chances of Tom Cruise and John Travolta believing him.

5. SciFi Scanner celebrates the arrival of this year’s New York Comic-con, but wonders why Star Wars nerds keep crashing the party.

SciFi Dept. Video: Kevin Maher counts down the top five most evil computer villains — these PCs will kill your oxen and give your family dysentery.

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