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The Scanner’s Top Five: Week of 04.07

1. Who is the most reluctant astronaut in SciFi history? Using the Scanner’s patented Don Knotts Scream-o-meter, Alex Zalben counts them down to *gulp* lift-off.

2. In Battlestar Galactica‘s long-awaited return, we discover that a coven of sex-crazed, flesh-worshiping hotties has been stashing themselves on board. Where were you on that one, Hot Dog?

3. The world will end not with a bang nor a whimper, but a raging black hole, according to Walter Wagner, who is suing a group of scientists whose atom collider he says will result in the apocalypse.

4. If Jar Jar Binks wasn’t enough to convince you that the Star Wars Universe was cursed, perhaps these tragedies culled from the week’s news will.

5. Can’t wait for the new Speed Racer movie? Check out this new Race Speedster parody — it’ll have you and your friends shouting, “Aha!”

SciFi Dept. Video: Kevin Maher counts down the five SciFi sequels he was promised, but never received. Just look at the disappointment on his face — it’s like watching a kid get socks on Chanukah.

SciFi Scanner Talk Forum: The forum this week is musing which vehicle from Science Fiction we would most like to claim as our ride. While I went for the Millennium Falcon from Log onto the SciFi Scanner Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or to start a Science Fiction topic of your own!

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