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Ultimate Fan Quiz – Stephen King Results


The Ultimate Stephen King Fan: Jennifer Ross

Hometown: Kyle, Texas

Age: 35

Profession: Project Manager in the Tech Industry

There are only two things that scare Jennifer Ross: Spiders, and clowns. So naturally, one of her favorite Stephen King movies is IT. “Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise was magnificently terrifying,” she says, “and for most people I know, including myself, created some sufficient nightmares.” Ross says that what attracts her to King’s movies is the author’s ability to create such rich characters and environments, especially in dealing with the theme of isolation. “The Shining, Misery, the idea of total isolation, of that moment when reality and fantasy blur and you don’t know what’s real anymore, that always gets me, ” she says. Though she claims never to have done anything fan obsessive towards King, Ross says she is always first in line for his newest book or film adaptation, and admits that his work would make her think twice about going on a secluded trip in the woods. “I think there are moments in all our lives where we feel like we are trapped in some surreal place or surrounded by crazy people,” Ross explains. “Fortunately we don’t have to battle demon clowns before we go home.”

Ultimate Stephen King Fan Quiz Answers:

1. The characters played by James Caan, Jack Nicholson, Timothy Hutton, and Johnny Depp all have the same career. What is it?


2. Whose pinup poster does Andy Dufrense first put on his wall in The Shawshank Redemption?

Rita Hayworth

3. What film features the taunting phrase, “Chow down Wide Load”?

Stand By Me

4. In The Mist, which characters do Mrs. Carmody demand as a human sacrifice?

Amanda and Billy

5. What 1992 film bore Stephen King’s name, despite multiple lawsuits against New Line to have it removed?

The Lawnmower Man

6. What room number is little Danny Torrance told to avoid at all costs in The Shining?

217 in the book, 237 in the movie

7. In Christine, how many miles are on the odometer when the possessed car is destroyed?


8. Which novella from Different Seasons is the only one in the collection that hasn’t been adapted to film?

A Winter’s Tale: The Breathing Method

9. Harry Dean Stanton has appeared in Christine and The Green Mile, but his role in Alien forced him to pass on another King adaptation. What was it?

The Shining

10. “REDRUM” was written in red on a wall in The Shining. But it also reappeared in a made-for-TV movie. Name it.


11. In Dolores Claiborne, a murder occurs during what major meteorological event?

Solar Eclipse

12. Which King movie has the most sequels?

Children of the Corn

13. What is the tongue-twister that Bill Denbrough uses to overcome his stutter in IT?

“He thrusts his fists against the posts and still he insists he sees the ghosts”

14. Two books written under King’s pseudonym, Richard Bachman, have been adapted into films. What are they?

The Running Man and Thinner

15. Which film inspired a hit song by the Ramones?

Pet Sematary

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